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    3M adhesives range from high performance neoprene contact adhesives for demanding high strength and high temperature applications, to unique adhesives designed for permanent or pressure sensitive bonding of light duty substrates such as insulation felt, cork and fibrous glass. We offer solvent based and water based adhesives that are plasticizers resistant, as well as products that are sprayable, brushable, or roll-on for fast economical coverage. In addition to meeting specific bonding challenges, some 3M specialty adhesives also meet the most stringent air quality regulations in the United States, including California. They are GREENGUARD Certified and help contribute to LEED credits.We have a wide variety of adhesives including epoxies, hot melt systems, fast curing, aerosol, anaerobic, plastic, urethane,cements, acrylic, gasket, Spray Adhesives and more. We carry sealants,adhesives, lubricants and tapes for various industries and general use.