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3M 415 Double Sided Film Tape
The 3M 415 double sided film tapes are very commonly used and they are known for using on-mount photos, cards, and displays etc. Usually, these type of tapes is heat resistance where they can withstand heat up to 150 F. This way it will be a heat protective layer for the product. The double-sided film tapes come out with a standard strong adhesive where they are responsible for holding the objects. We do take care in terms of projecting quality products on our website. These tapes are available in various sizes and these type of tapes can be used anywhere. 3M 415 double sided tape offers a balance of initial adhesion and good holding power. Used for high-speed flying splices and zero speed splices on most grades of paper such as newsprint, clay coated, and corrugated stock.
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  • 4 mil double coated tape on PET polyester carrier with 60 lb densified kraft DK paper liner.
  • Excellent UV resistance. Good adhesion to a wide variety of materials such as HSE high surface energy, LSE low surface energy and metals. Good temperature and humidity resistance.
  • High performance splicing in printing applications. Good on films and foils.

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