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    When you need high-strength tapes that hold and keep holding, even when scuffed or nicked, look to 3M. 3M Scotch Filament Tapes include continuous fibers reinforcing the carrier to make it stronger, help resist damage and stop tears from migrating across the tape. 3M offers a variety of tensile strengths and different adhesives designed for demanding situations, from hand-breakable economy-grade filament tapes to the strongest filament tape in the world, Scotch Filament Tape 890HD, twice as strong as the nearest competition.

    Filament tapes have continuous fibers or filaments reinforcing the carrier to help prevent cuts or tears from migrating across the tape. Filaments made of glass or polyester yarn provide strength and durability in applications such as bundling construction materials, carton sealing where rough handling may be an issue, and tabbing and splicing in metalworking. Bi-directional filament tapes have fibers running in both directions for even greater strength.