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3M Scotch-weld Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt adhesives melt and flow when heated to wet the substrates and bond quickly upon cooling. Products are available that can be sprayed and come with a variety of other useful characteristics, such as short set times and permanent PSA properties. Applications range from sealing to bonding automotive interior trim.

The Scotch-weld Hot Melt Adhesive generally bonds two surfaces with the help of heat. These adhesives melt at high temperatures and once the materials are bonded they turn solid at room temperature. 3M Scotch-weld Hot Melt Adhesive has the unique property of quick-stick which aids in speeding up packaging and production. The best part about these adhesives is that they stick to almost every kind of material like foams, fabrics, wood, plastic, cardboard etc. The strength offered by hot melt adhesives is almost the same as that of sealing tapes but unlike the sealing tapes, the hot melt adhesives are transparent and therefore they improve the aesthetics of the bonded product. The hot melt adhesives by 3M ensure long-lasting strong bonds between materials.