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3M Polyurethane Adhesive

3M Polyurethane Adhesive for all of your Bonding and Sealing needs.

There is always a need for an adhesive within a packaging activity. This can be either used for bonding or long-lasting seals. Out of all the adhesives available, 3M polyurethane adhesive is one of the extensively used adhesives in the industry. There are different grades or levels that are available within 3M polyurethane adhesive like 3M polyurethane sealant 540 grays, 3M polyurethane sealant 540 black and 3M 540 vs 5200. The grades are defined by the strength of the adhesive and other factors. We do have a huge collection of adhesives on our website which will fulfill your bonding and sealing needs. 3M polyurethane adhesive is considered to be the best 3M adhesive sealant for shelf life.

We have a list of cartridges available for you to use. So if you are looking to buy one you can get it on our website. Each and every product listed on our website will have relevant pictures and detailed information about the product.

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