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  • Handi-Pak is a convenient bubble dispenser designed for ease of use and ideal for low to moderate shipping requirements, retail markets and home applications.
  • Available in 12″ or 24″ widths and all bubble thicknesses, Handi-Pak is perforated at 12″ for easy-to-use, tear-off sheets.
  • Superior burst strength; Bubble withstands pressure and abuse, giving maximum product protection
  • Excellent air retention; Bubble stays inflated to provide continued protection
  • Good tensile strength; Bubble maintains integrity under stress to give products superior protection
  • Cardboard dispenser; Perforated bubble is kept clean and easily dispenses out of the convenient carton
  • Good clarity; Product remains highly distinguishable when packed
  • Abrasion resistance; Provides superior surface protection, eliminating damage

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