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This 3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistant Cushion Matting 5100 is made from a durable, flexible vinyl with an open construction for safety and comfort. Its open Z- web structure helps improve traction and provides good cushioned support. The open construction lets liquid and small particles pass through, providing a safer, drier surface. Its construction allows easy traffic of carts over the surface and excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, greases and detergents found in industrial or food service environments. Anti-microbial coating protects against mildew, fungus and odours.

  • Cushioned matting with a ribbed surface offers excellent slip resistance in wet areas.
  • Grease-proof and chemical resistance flexible vinyl providing comfortable standing.
  • Open Z-web construction to allow cart traffic and good water drainage.
  • Anti-microbial coating protects against mildew, fungus and odours.
  • For use in food service or industrial applications.
  • Optional tapered vinyl profiles are available to provide continuity from the floor to the mat and allow easy-wheeled traffic movement. Use 3M Matting Adhesive in combination with 3M Edging Profiles to edge mats on the sides exposed to traffic and produce a custom-sized mat.

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