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3M Box Sealing Tapes

3M box sealing tapes or 3M carton sealing tapes makes the packaging process very simple and easy. The use of these tapes can either be done by using manual dispensers or hand held dispensers.

3M Box sealing Tapes deliver convenience and dependability every time you use them. They are build tough, to resist score line breaking and center seam splitting even when boxes are handled roughly. Tape dispensers quickly and easily, to save you time. 3M box sealing tapes are available in a variety of lengths, width and colors to meet your specific needs. We also offer a complete line of security tapes with built-in deterrent features to address most tampering and pilfering problems. Ask us about FREE 3M taping Heads.

Usually, this type of tapes is used for non-critical or normal box sealing purposes. In order to get the right type of box sealing tapes, one has to get the right packaging tape specifications. There are different variations available within the box sealing tapes line, some of them are, 3M 372, 3M 373 and 3M 371 tapes. The differentiation of these tapes is done based on the characteristics values of each tape.